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Have you been wondering what your Honey REALLY wants for Valentine’s Day?

Do you want to do something different and make it a day to remember?  Some of you have always been good at making this day unique.  And yet some of you, don’t like to celebrate what feels like a  made-up holiday for love.  For some people Valentine’s day just makes them sick.  After all, why do our loved ones need a holiday to remember to shower us with love?  This post will help you navigate your way from Hallmark Store to Deep within your heart to make an impact on your loved ones this Valentine’s day.  When you show your love your appreciation, it means so much more.

So we start with the question you must ask yourself, what does my Honey really want?

What would make him or her feel amazingly loved, important and cared for?

The first step is thinking of a gift with meaning, something that shows true attention to detail and care. Because flowers and chocolates are cute but it’s time to do more than bare minimum.   I asked a few people what they’d enjoy on this special day so that you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure that out. Here’s what I heard.


What Does Your Honey Really Want for Valentine’s Day?


  • Give them something that will ease the weight they carry on their shoulders.  Like what you ask?  How about you get that “To-Do” list done for them?  Have they been asking you to do a few things?  And you’ve been putting it off?  Get ‘er done!  Don’t delay, just do it.


  • A gift to some “me” time.  Maybe a spa day, for a massage or facial.  You guys can get one together, couples spa day is right at the top with this next one.


  •  A Staycation or Mini Vacation.  Rent a room nearby, you don’t have to go far, just get out of your norm, go out, enjoy and celebrate one another. Take them out on a date, you know, like back in the day when you were first trying to catch their eye.
    Take them out on a date, watch a sunset, enjoy each other’s company.


  • Incorporate small details that they think you may have forgotten.  Write the lyrics to your wedding song in a card.  But only after you write a personalized message in the card for them, forget about just signing your name.  Don’t rely on Hallmark to express your feelings, let them out on that card.  Grab a pen and purge your love.


  • Turn your home into a restaurant.  Got kids?  Make them the waiters :).  Play it up, play her songs, light candles, make a menu, live it up! Make a home cooked meal or buy it and serve it, so long as you cater to them.


  • Give them tickets to a concert they really want to go to.  Or maybe a new artist you know they’ll love.  Music can be so healing.  Add a special kick and dedicate one of the songs to them at the concert.


  • Gift cards never hurt nobody! 🙂 But pick wisely, their favorite shop, their favorite restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, etc.


  • Or don’t spend any money at all and do something for them that they always ask you to do.  Maybe it feels like they’ve been nagging at you to do something, how about you do it without being asked, over and over so they don’t have to ask you anymore. Like passing the vacuum, washing the dog, folding the laundry? You get the point.


  • If you want to be bold and trust that you know their taste in decor, how about you redecorate your master? Get some new wall art, new bed spread, new throws, new pillows, new curtains?  Or better yet, make them a nook!   A corner somewhere in your home that is just for them! What do they like to do, read, paint, write, make them a little space where they can be creative!


  • And the biggest most amazing thing you could do, is remember that Love should be shown all year round.  Make your honey feel special all the time, not just on February 14th.  Let the love come from your soul and your heart, whether it be on March 3rd, April 24th, July 18th or October 25th!  Pick any other day other than the day the calendar tells you to, to show them how much you care.


Whatever you do, no matter how big or small, it’s impact can have ripple effects.  Remember it’s not just about Valentine’s Day.  It’s about Love, all the time, Respect, all the time, Honor, all the time and Recognition, all the time!  Thank them for how they make you feel day in and day out.


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