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God help me…..

God help me…..

900  A prayer for myself, God help me….. God help me to be more loving, especially to myself. Remind me to practice what I preach, so that I may be a good role model. Guide me to self-acceptance, so that I can reject ridicule, even if it’s made up in my bad neighborhood mind. God help me to be more patient, and remind me…

The Joy and Pain of Children

020   You guys are my biggest joys and also at times my biggest pains. You play together more often than not, it’s ridiculous how much you crack each other up. Sometimes it drives me crazy, makes me mad! I feel my head pounding from your screeches and wales. I don’t get what’s so funny, you’re laughing at the silliest…

80’s Childhood Versus Today’s Childhood

000 I was pondering the past, like my brain tends to do ever so often, and realized it’s amazing how technology has grown in just a few decades.  It’s only been a few decades since smart phones and tablets existed. When the first smart phone was invented in the 90’s only the elite could afford them?  Then blackberries came into existence in…

Love Letter To My Baby Girl

Love Letter To My Baby Girl

000Today you turn 5 and you’ve been such a blessing in our lives.  Amazing since day one. To think that just yesterday you shot out of mommy like you were on a mission.  I didn’t even get to change into the hospital gown.     In Utero, you caused us concern, doctors guessed wrongly but momma knew what was right….

How to be a Perfect Mom

000Do you want to know how to be a perfect mom?  So do I, but I know that in my quest to be one, they truly don’t exist.  You may think someone is, and they may be great, but no one is perfect.  There are many wonderful amazing mothers out there, but no one has it down to a formula.  Motherhood…