To Do or Not To Do

I’ve tired my friends out with my re-hashing of thoughts.  Mulling things  over for eternity.  Unable to decide and without the means to make something happen.  I don’t know why I am this way, but I sure wish I could change this about myself.  I can be so un-decisive that by the time I come up with an acceptable solution […]

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Fear of Summer Camp

Fear can be debilitating and it creeps back into my mind taking over my brain every so often even though I know I should not live fearfully.  As a parent, we worry about our little ones, wondering if they are safe when we are not with them.  My son started summer day camp today and I stressed myself out over […]

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Pen and Paper

My soul aches and yearns for this pen and paper My life gives no time to my dream, its like vapor To express and to vent in written form To let go and release my emotions and mourn To write happy, write sad, write if i’m mad So that years later I look back and feel glad I have all […]

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